What's this?

Aqua Scope is a webcomic, or a comic on the web. (duh)

What's this about?

It's about a submarine-obsessed girl named Bea and her adventures in the navy. She spends most of the time adjusting to her...er...interesting crew members and trying to whip them into shape. Also, aliens and missiles.

Anything that inspired this...thing?

Good question! I got the idea while researching for a school paper on the navy. I became very interested in the submarine models in the textbooks and started forming characters that I'd like to be inside those models. Soon enough, Aqua Scope was born, and I turned to the webcomic format to tell my story.

Hey! What happened to the old pages from before?

Oh...those? I really wasn't happy with the way the story was progressing...and the art was...terrible. You don't want to see it, trust me. So I decided to restart!